Living and Culture Experience

Living like a local

Experience the traditional ordinary way of living in Hida.

Some customs are still in existence, while others are nearly disappearing.

You can have such a fascinating experience only in Hida!

Rice Straw Craft

Experience Rice Straw Craft which is now almost disappearing.

The first important process is making the rice straw ropes.

To beat the straws and to twine them together are the base of all processes to make ropes.

Then, sandals and other daily goods finally can be made.

Rice straws use to be one of the most essential things to live in the old days.

Learn the wisdoms and the spirits of the past, which will strike you.


“ Hana-mochi” (Rice Cake Flower) Making

Hana-mochi is a traditional local decoration essential for the Happy New Year.

Sticking small pieces of rice cakes on the bare branches like small flowers, is a local custom in Hida region.

Here could be one of the few places you can experience it.

Learn more about indigenous customs and culture through this activity.

Nature Craft Photo Frame Making

Make you own Photo frame using seeds and twigs you collect.

Wander in the forest to find fancy decorations for yourself.

You may find a different view of nature while picking up twigs, leaves, and acorns.

Put your favorite picture in your handmade frame to decorate your room.

Combined plan with Forestry experience is a good choice.